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Upton community stakeholders have been working for decades to ensure valuable and essential services are provided to the community and keeping the spirit and heart of the Upton Community alive. During this hard work, the UPC Westside Community Development Corporation has evolved to provide developmental guidance and direction for the future of Upton. UPC Westside CDC is systematically and strategically working with neighborhoods and Westside communities to achieve their vision in an undeniable and remarkable fashion.

A community beset with difficult circumstances that are evident today represents a unique opportunity for the City of Baltimore. Not unlike the beacons of hope that provided a refuge of freedom and the beginnings of social, religious, and educational institutions; the prominent history of Westside communities is screaming for a new day, the UPC Westside CDC is leading the way in collaboration with essential stakeholders that have steered the ship through the difficult times and stayed committed to the vision. History will repeat itself in our communities, providing an atmosphere where all persons can thrive by embracing their talents, learning new skills, and being proud of the environment in which they live providing a sustainable and healthy future for all.

The UPC Westside CDC is managing a host of economic and community development efforts in Upton and along the Pennsylvania Avenue Main Street corridor.

Community Reinvestment Fund

The Upton Planning Committee and Ed Reed Foundation have come together to pool their strengths and work together to significantly impact the lives of Upton residents. They have teamed up to launch the UPC REED Program which includes a very exciting homeowner initiative. The UPC Westside CDC has established a Community Reinvestment Fund which provides resources for needed home improvements to homeowners in the Upton Community.  The goal of the fund is to provide legacy homeowners in the community resources to address differed maintenance issues and make vital home repairs that help them maintain, their most important financial asset, their home.

UPC and Ed Reed Foundation will work in partnership to seek corporate donations, monetary resources, and municipal services to provide up to 15 legacy homeowners in Upton with home repair supports.

We are excited that Wells Fargo has continued to invest in the Upton community, they have been working with us since the early 2000’s and they are our first corporate sponsor, providing $100,000 to support the UPC Community Reinvestment Fund.

The program will help eligible low- and moderate-income applicants finance home improvements including the repair and replacement of roofing, heating, plumbing and electrical systems, energy efficiency measures, lead hazard reduction, and disability accessibility modifications.

Check out the program details here.

Live Where You Worship/ Live Where You Educate Down Payment Assistance Program

The Upton Live Where You Worship/Live Where You Educate Program provides a maximum $25,000 grant to parishioners and employees purchasing homes in the Upton neighborhoods.

Live Where You Worship (LWYW)/ Live Where You Educate (LWYE) program’s purpose is to provide financial assistance in grant funds toward eligible parishioners and school employees’ home purchase of their primary residence. LWYW/LWYE is designed to incentivize Upton community revitalization for continued neighborhood and economic vitality.

If you worship at one of the 30 churches in Upton or work at one of the 5 schools in the community, you could be eligible for up to $25,000 in down payment assistance!

Check out the program details here.

Sustainability: Development Without Displacement

The UPC Westside CDC is managing a host of economic and community development efforts in Upton and along the Pennsylvania Avenue Main Street corridor.