Through funding and technical assistance, the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (the Department) works with local partners to revitalize cities, towns and neighborhoods across Maryland. Our community development programs enhance existing neighborhood resources, support economic development, provide public services and infrastructure, and improve the quality of life for residents. Department funding should leverage other public, private and nonprofit funding sources.

The Department’s State Revitalization Programs (SRP) are primarily used to support expenses associated with capital projects – in other words, something that will result in a “bricks and mortar” project with at minimum a 15-year shelf life. The most competitive applications for funding will (1) clearly connect to a project or program priority identified in a community’s Sustainable Community Action Plans or BRNI area Action Plans and, (2) also demonstrate that the projects and programs are ready to proceed with the Department’s funding.

See Below For More information and application guidelines

StateRevitalizationProgramGuidelines FY24